Mr. Moses kucheti (late). 2004/2005


Have you any ambition of going  abroad? (America, Britain, France, Russia etc.) Do you think it wouldn’t be possible? Or you feel abroad is paradise on earth? We have brought to you one of our graduates.


You have arrived Nigeria (home). We hope you are enjoying the country.

Oh yes! But before I respond, I would like to say I ‘m highly honored to be part of this Historic event. Actually, I ‘m enjoying myself here at home though. I would say that I’m once again adjusting to another pattern of life. 


Way back in the nearly 1990s, had you any desire of going outside the country for studies?

It used to be inspiring then whenever we hear that a senior student has gone abroad for studies. Like most people I also nurtured the dream of school outside the boarder of Nigeria.

Though, I couldn’t figure out the logistics and though it was not feasible. But as God would have it, it all worked out.


We believe it was a well-deserve gesture by the federal Government to have awarded you the scholarship. How do you feel?

I am very grateful, looking back at what I would have gone through, the strikes stress etc. I wander how I would have pulled through. It wouldn’t have been too smooth. Especially when I see my colleagues, very brilliant but still in school due to one set back or the other. Though it is not on a platter of gold outside, but learning environment is conducive for any serious person to achieve his/her goals.


 Schooling abroad is advantageous. Comment  

Yes it has several advantages. Not only are you given everything you need for success, also you acquire an informal type of education. You are exposed to a lot of things and your view and approach to issues becomes broaden. You get to know that not all that glitters is gold. We naturally tend to think that the whites are exceptionally brilliant-but it is not true and not every imported article is authentic.


What were the challenges you faced while in Russia?

The challenges were enormous. The temperature climate is just unimaginable during the winter with temperature on land as 250c, having longer night of shorter days throughout the winter season. Summer is usually very short but exciting one feels more at home during the winter period.

The environment posted culture, people etc. challenges being. I thank God for the strength he gave me of guidance.


 How did you feel about home? Did you miss Nigeria?

I really missed home and wished I could just fly back whenever I wanted to. And certainly I missed my country too.


Perhaps you would have studied a different course if you had schooled in Nigeria other than the discipline you under took. If so, how did it happen?

While I was home, I nursed and was working towards becoming a medical practitioner. On leaving, I went ahead to study chemical engineering and specialized in the technology of fuels and gas.

Actually, I am very contented with my field of study the most important thing in life is doing something to the best of your ability and enjoying it.


What piece of advice do you have for students who are ambitious about schooling abroad?

I would encourage anyone with such an ambition. It offers you a great deal of exposure and you’ll be able to compare a lot of things for yourself. Everyone needs to have faith, work hard and remain focused; it will be well at long last.


One may go abroad as an undergraduate or post-graduate student or just for 

greener  pastures. What advice do you have for the  later.

For those in search of greener pastures abroad, the rules have not changed. All is still bent on hard work. Pastures  are not always as green as often thought abroad.


It is in your plans to go back for a living abroad?

I can’t certainly answer for now. It all depends on how the call covers of what it comes with.


We believe you are acquainted with AMONSA. Comment

AMONSA is certainly a good beginning. I got to know about it while still in school and we were very impressed. The body seems to have silently embarked on a back-to-school campaign. And the level of this awareness among the youths is quite encouraging. I believe that the sky will be the limit if this atmosphere is maintained.


What project do you feel AMONSA should focus on?

The vision must be kept aflame. We ought to intensify on the literacy campaign and widen the horizon. This maiden issue of UDINAH is a tool to this effect and I hope that it will be a periodic publication. It is only after equipping ourselves that we can impact positively on our communities.


How do you view the publication of the AMONSA Magazine (UDINAH)?

It shows that AMONSA has a vision and a mission that must be accomplished. The academic communities must be aware of our existence. UDINAH will always be there to spell out what AMONSA stands for.


What advices have you for our students in school?

Education in an asset for life. Taking enough time and resources to make such an investments in something one never regrets.I would like to encourage those in school never to relent on their efforts, though the economy in not getting any better, it is however worth the hurdles at the end o the day.


Pass comments on other issues you’ll like to.

Let us absolutely view ourselves as ones guided by developmental ideology. Our philosophy should be that of collective progress which also reflects on every individual. Let’s be optimistic in all that we do.


Late Mr. Kucheti Moses hold a Master’s degree in chemical Engineering from the Russian state University of Oil and Gas Moscow.

Interviewed by Innocent Emmanuel Pele Bamgams.