“Names are usually given for description; others use ugly names to offend. From the heart of God our creator, comes a blessing that we don’t deserve. It`s a honour that we should be bearing, the name of God whom we serve. How great is the love the father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God. 


A word (or words), a person (place or thing) is known by, or the reputation that someone has, or the opinion people have about someone (thing), is generally regarded to as the name of the subject. To this end, names are designated for identity of persons as distinct entities. This help to distinguish Paul from Peter, Anayi  from Tiseh, a means of ameliorating or alleviating the confusion in our confused  chaotic  world. Additionally, names  can serve as monuments or reminiscing idols. Also the act of naming had evolved to depiction of future optimistic expectations.


Sunday twelfth September 2010 would serve as birthday to my son Baltah. The morning began with labour pains beginning 3:00AM,as we took a rush to  Solat Hospital in the heart of the city of Jos were my wife (Tabitha Kinang Hassan) delivered. I`ve earlier called my friends Seth Bature and Dr. Lemech Nabasu, in whose car the conveyance was made. By about 9:12AM the reality of being a dad downed on me as I was invited into the labour room by Dr. Clement Ekere my colleague and classmate who took the delivery. I looked and behold, a baby boy crying with a melodious tune   reminiscent of symphony of an orchestra. His eyes glitters as the sun as I  saw the fluid in them akin to the dew s that waters the morning.

As I came out of the labour room,  I told Jummai Hassan my wife`s cousin that “his name is BALTAH.” This was same message i passed to my family, friends and well wishers either through oral route or via text messages. I need not wait for the rituals of seven days to pass before I declare his name, for I just did what was done to the saviour in the manger when he was born. My sister Miriam Kalau Emmanuel who we  left at home to undertake the domestic chores was glad to know the name same day after birth.


Baltah is AMO for glitter. It depicts the ability of something to shine and connotes the propensity of a splint to glow. I gave the name BALTAH that he may radiate the glory of God to our ailing world. I gave him the name BALTAH that the splendour of heaven might abide in him. He is BALTAH, for he would shine like the stars, with unequivocal glamour.” A good name (indeed) is rather choosing than great riches and loving favour, rather than silver or gold”. His full name is BLISS BALTAH BANGAMS. Synonyms to Baltah are: Waltah and Ubaltu. 





                                                                   Some noise in the ambience I hear,

                                                                   A woman in labour pains- dear,

                                                                   Without restrain, wailing in tears,

                                                                   Untold was the pain to bear,


                                                                   Sweet moments, sweet moments,

                                                                   A gladness I cannot relate,

                                                                   Sweet moments, sweet moments,

                                                                   A new born within the home.


                                                                   It is easy then to  recall,

                                                                   Events of the long time ago,

                                                                   In a manger a virgin brought  forth,

                                                                   The baby that saved the world.


                                                                    My dad use to say to me,

                                                                    Joy   o`whelmed his heart deep in,

                                                                    My mummy much respect to me,

                                                                    For you suffered in pains for me,


                                                                    Same joy through eternity echoes,

                                                                    In the courts of heaven above,

                                                                    As a sinner forsakes his route,

                                                                    And enlists in the family of God.


I wrote and presented this poem when I was an undergraduate, at the Adventist Students Fellowship University of Jos, on my birth-day 26th November 2005. It was dedicated to all November babies in the world. I specially  dedicate it today to the sweet memories of my late mum who passed on to glory o 5th-November  2009. She did not see BALTAH, but we hope someday to reunite at Christ`s feet.


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