The inertia that characterized the decision even  from the background of conceiving the idea of instituting the AMONSA, was attended with  overwhelming zeal and enthusiasm with enormous patience  through labor, to carry it to parturition, nursing  the living  product of conception  to what is held with great esteem among our students and their contemporaries-non studentss  and non Amos. It is worthwhile the sacrifice: it’s cost effective coming  from the scratch as the delineated sands of the sea to a unified and strong bulwark.


The scope of AMONSA   spans through the conscience, emotion, physical, social economical, financial and lot’s more, embracing any AMO student in the attempt to benefit ourselves (students), the  Amo-land and the world at large. It is like manner as the choice, scarcity, opportunity cost, scale of preference of the economist  that we spread our wings to achieve the extremes of our mission.


To uphold our identify as AMO

So closely is the observation that no sooner, some professed Christian, hide their bibles in newspapers or otherwise in other to conceal their identity. This is common among students who may underestimate the beauty and prestige of the heritage-AMO, after being overwhelmed, and submerged by the seeming splendor and glamour of the ambience in the universities,  polytechnics, colleges and school- talking about the  constitutions of  the caressing structures, students and lecturers. By bringing the weak and strong; the timid and the  self esteemed; the  financially unprivileged and the affluent together, AMONSA seeks to inculcate self confidence and self esteem  among our students that we may understand  how dear and highly placed, the privileged of being born into this lovely  abode the AMO family.


To promote unity and better understanding amongst AMO students and community at large.

“United we stand, divided we fall “. Unity can only be attained on a platform of nourished understanding among the people in question. Understanding is a product of interaction. At the AMONSA, students interact   to understand where it hurts on the other students territory when touched, and to refrain from these areas. So can the distance be circumvented in creating a family that has been visited by genetic diversity. The moments at the AMONSA are almost always cordial and pleasant. It is however uncommon that some bitterness may  spill. Even so, we merge the sweet and bitter experiences in reaching out to our society and becoming better individuals in the society.


To establish contact between AMO students, within and outside Nigeria.  

As alluded to earlier, the AMO students in the country, after achieving successful understanding and unity can then be effectively efficient in establishing a legitimate link with  their counterparts abroad. Then shall the information over sea be circulated home to make the world a global village amongst  us -the AMO. With time our graduates would cross  the boarders transforming into wonderful ambassadors.


To create  an avenue where non students and students interact in realizing the Association objectives.

Education is “sine non qua non” to the development of any society. The backdrop on which was laid the foundation  of all developed countries can comfortable be traced as non but having  a learned population .Our students at the AMONSA are positively impacting on our  immediate environment, as much that we have that takes to  add a block on the journey of building and developing  our community to world`s standard.


We believe that the knowledge we acquire at school in both learning and character are not in vain, but to be consumed by us and the society, as  it is vital in achieving progress


To  ensure  the  welfare of members is adequately catered for

No one is an island-we cannot live in isolation. No one even wish  that he is consoled, or one ever prays for problems to arise that  he should be assisted out of it. But as these are inevitable and presents as a routine companion, AMONSA has set up modalities in place where our student in  school, at home or elsewhere would feel  comfortable as a family with minimal or no iota of differences.


To promote  AMO culture, education and train AMO students for mental, physical social, economic and moral growth.


By imbibing the sound association with one another members of AMONSA are prone to growth excellently in all spheres of life. This body has as her motto “Culture the root of knowledge”. As apparent amongst us and  our surrounding, the AMO culture is one that embraces peace to the utmost. The hospitality of the Amo populace has sounded for ages and is being echoed by the present extension of this heritage through the jungle land, seas, planes and atmosphere reaching any  a  being exposed to this rich culture. we believe its extinction would not be feasible in the present and coming generations till eternity. As such we could penetrate into economic bodies and be citizen of high standard and reputation as well as attracting investors and development into our land  and environs.

To produce a refined generation

Finally, AMONSA is heralding the coming of a new generation of elites who would: see themselves as brothers; set on the table plans for progress; hold the hands of those below them and lift them up; settle every grudge amongst themselves without necessarily bringing the AMOs down or creating divides and  segregation; have interest of the generality  of AMO before their personal interest. God help us. Long live AMONSA.