The scope of AMONYA



In the eve of collective aspiration and the quest for development in all the spheres of life, the AMONYA came into existence. Thus concerned with the plight and agony of Amo Sons and Daughters under the continuing downturn of the national, political and economic environments of Nigeria, unable to maintain a decent living, disturbed by the sorrows, pains and frustrations including family dislocations inflicted on us by the present social dynamics, persuaded by the objectives of enhancing the social and economic well being of our members, we Amo youths, in realization of these, agreed to form a body called Amo National Youth Association with distinguished aims and objectives in conjunction with the above consent.


The aims and objectives of the Amo National Youth Association are itemized and highlighted as follows:


To foster unity, understanding, progress and co-operation among all Amo sons, daughters and all manner of people.

 Documentary and oral source of history has it that the Amo nation is tranquil, and progressive minded. The communities inhabited by the Amo people are peaceful and kind. There is no civilization that has ever progressed without challenges and sometimes even conflict. Thus the Amo people, having a good idea of living with the other indigenous tribes is a litmus test of its existence within. It is a universal law of understanding and based on the principle of social cohesion which attests to the fact that it is better to fear from within than from without. Most civilizations and especially Rome collapse as a result of internal issues that its leaders failed to combat. Only few societies were able to overcome the danger that lays within. The challenges  (selfishness, greed, envy, self-opinion and ego-centricism) of the Amo people only hurts itself. It is clear, that understanding as a cardinal aim of the Amo National youth Association would try to bring sanity in the system and at the same time try to curb the menace from spreading, such that public peace would not be disrupted. We believe that peace, understanding, reconciliation and forgiveness are not too much to ask for. And they are the minimum that an enlightened society can provides. Peace to us is more precious than a piece of land, just like Anwar al-sadat Egyptian statesman (1918-1981) believed. All what we are saying and would continue to evangelize is let peace reign, in association with John Lennon (1940-1980)who exhorts “all we are saying is give peace a chance”.

To foster the spirit of active co-operation and comradeship between Amo sons and daughters.

 A national and international statement agreed “united we stand, divided we fall”. It is on that note, that the teeming members of the associations had put as a mandate and a glorious call to pursue co-operation among the daughters and sons of the Amo people. As it is only co-operation that would give us the mental and psychological stamina to promote the desire of comrade activities,in the light of reality and progress.


To advance the cause of the Amo person and the land through improved quality of education and other benefits.

 No nation, people and even an individual can developed above its educational attainment. Because education serves as the jugular vein in the economic, political, moral and even the spiritual realm. It is interesting to note that, simply the Amo people cover states like Kaduna and Plateau etc. here in Nigeria. And that in Plateau State even though a minority tribe (Amo) is the second for many years educationally. This number of graduates with qualitative education without qualitative jobs is not a hindrance to the advancement of the course of education.


To enhance the social, economic, political and cultural well-being of members for the benefit of members of the association.

 The essence of each leadership and its people is to provide security, freedom, safety, stability, equality and social services to the people, maintain law and order, and protect its people. Thus, to enhance such spheres of the people’s existence, seminars, discussions, enlightenment and empowerment within and outside the Amo nation as long as individuals, non-governmental organizations are capable of doing is welcome. Such avenues would be created for the benefits of its members.


To provide a forum for the co-operation of members, protection of their interests and also Endeavour to secure the removal of difficulties, abuses, anomalies and obsolete regulations detrimental to progress.

 It is in line with any civilization for the dignity of interest of individuals. The interests of humans are adequately respected within the confines of honour and upgrading the personality of its members and others in general. Abuses whether covertly or overtly is prohibited.


To promote the corporate image of the Amo personality both nationally and internationally by ensuring the continued existence of a strong virile and well articulated association.

The image of the Amo person is really corporate. Thus the corporate image of the Amo personality is visible in the aspect of action, industry, self-actualization, contentment, and peaceful-co-existence, believe in God and enlightenment. Inter-personal relationship is in the blood of Amo person. Thus the associations, in awareness of this have put in place, structures that would promote the corporate image of the Amo personality.


To give leadership and stimulate interest in matters which foster national growth, unity and understanding.

 Differences in religion, beliefs, interest or opinion is the joy of humanity.

It is not an issue for us to forget our differences but to understand them. It is only by the understanding our differences, that we can build unity. That is the clarion call for indissoluble and indivisible elements that characterize the Amo nation in the issue of Anan kitara, kides and kazuri: we can still build a virile society to be the envy of many. With such great achievements, the leadership is determined under the rain and in the sun to translate such understanding to foster national growth, unity and social cohesion. It is important that this juncture to note that ‘Amo’ is as a result of Hausa infiltration. But the real name is Amap as the tribal nomenclature.


Thus, the scope of Amo National Youth Association comprises of the youths, business people, students, working class. The ages of between 18 to 50years.