“The Sinister, atrocious and extremely wicked situations surrounding the birth of ALANZA were turbulent and perilous waters or terrifying moments of Crisis on the Jos Plateau and its environs that necessitated the name ALANZA JONATHAN TIMBAU.”


Names are given as mark of identity. That is, the more reason why a word or words that a particular Person, Animals, Place or thing is know by is referred to as “NAME.” No wonder! Someone may ask why we have to bother ourselves with a Name? What is in a Name? There is a lot in a Name. That is why the Amo people in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State give tribal Names to mean one thing or the other. In other words, Names in Amo Land can be given to express happiness, events, or conditions surrounding the birth of a new born baby. It could mean appreciation to what the Lord has done to the couples. Names expressed situations and personalities we must refer and among other things. It is believed in Amo Land that when you give a good Name to a new born baby, the Name will follow after the baby and vice versa.


            The Name ALANZA did not come by chance or accident, but it was the outcome of situation that conditioned us. Even though, I am not a prophet nor the son of prophet to say exactly the plan of God surrounding the birth of ALANZA. But, suffice to say that the Name ALANZA was conditioned by situations surrounding her birth which is somehow similar to other Names in Amo Land. The sinister, atrocious and extremely wicked situations surrounding the birth of ALANZA were turbulent and perilous waters or terrifying, moments of crisis on the Jos Plateau and its environs that necessitated the Name. If you follow me down memory lane, you will recall that Plateau which was known for peace in the Country, was on this day the 17th day of January, 2010 broke on flames. The serous mayhem prompted the declaration of 24hrs curfew on the Jos and Bukuru Metropolis by the then Governor Jonah David Jang. In view of that, there was restriction of movements of Vehicles and people to prevent further escalation of the ugly incident that culminated to the lost of lives and properties worth millions of naira. To my greatest dismay, a midst this crises ridden situation, my wife was in the hospital under cross examination to deliver my precious daughter-ALANZA which was our first experience in life as new couple

            Unfortunately, the management of the hospital on hearing the declaration of curfew, discharged all patience in the hospital to go back home including my humble self and wife on the premise that they don’t have a canteen to feed the patience and also for the safety of their staff who lived a distance to the hospital. On hearing these pronouncements from the management of the hospital, we all became confused and the only alternative left to us was to lean on God and God alone for help. Hence, I took them back home while on our knees in prayers. God in His infinite mercy made it possible for us to require the assistance of a Nurse that was our neighbor. The Nurse examine her at home for about 24 hours when she was in serious labour up to the time that she delivered  the precious baby ALANZA without any cause for  alarm on the 20th day of January, 2010 at about 11:30am.

            Sequel to the above, we saw the hand work of God on the situation. In other words, we believed without reservation that God really answered our prayers. Hence, we decided to give the new born baby girl the name ALANZA, meaning God heard us and answered our supplications and prayers.