The mountain is blessed with nature. It is said to be a place of protection and shelter during war. Top the Mountain you can view Jengre.


Men, old man and old Woman ready for expedition



Walking to Kuparan Ruzun


 A grinding stone on top of mountain



 Grave yard on top of Kupara Runzu



Kutai is a large cave inside the mountain. Is a place where young children and women hide to seek for refuge while the men go out to fight their enermies.


 Distant view of kutai                                  A close view of kutai



                                      A view of a foundation house




This place is known as Ku tisup: A place where bow and arrows are made up for battle.

A mountain where circumcision takes place (it is known as Kupara Nizara): It is done after seven years. 



Kuyau is a source of water for the people on the mountain. The kuyau has a crocodile which only allows the people of the Kuparan Runzu to fetch water. If you are a stranger, it does not allow you.



                                                View of Kuyau

A view of Amon Bisa from kuparan Runzu

By Kibba Daniel Musa