Jengre is a major town with many infrastructures such as Schools, Hospitals, Market, Police station, Bank, sub branch of the Plateau State Agricultural Development Programme, Churches, Mosques and Hotels.

Most of the developments were being done by the pioneers, Seventh Day Adventist Missionaries and the people who have the town at heart.



Because of the zeal a normal Amo man has for education, Jengre is blessed with so many primary and secondary schools. The first among many is the present Government College Jengre. It was brought through one of the illustrious sons of the soil named (Late MR Adamu Koshi). The land for the development was donated by the family of Amo in Jengre.

With the development it later gave a great opportunity for the people to go to school.



 Government college Jengre



 Hyde memorial Secondary school: Named after J.J Hyde(Missionary)



 Sambo Memorial Secondary School Jengre: Named after Sambo the father of Isaac Sambo Bawa(The present Ogomo Pengana the Proprietor of the school). 


 Tettmond Technology Secondary School Jengre(Own by Eng.Tambaya Mato)


 The first primary school in jengre established in 1940s: the famous S.D.A Primary School, Jengre


The Hospitals within the town provide medical services to the people within and outside Jengre. The first is the Seventh-Day Adventist Hospitab brought by the Adventist Health International (ahi) in 1947.



Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Jengre





Jibape Memorial Hospital, Jengre (owned by Dr.Micheal Apese Jibrin)


Aridi Memorial Hospital, Jengre (owned by Mr. Elkana Aridi).


Pengana Primary Health Care Centre, Jengre.


Millennium Development Goals Hospital Jengre, brought by Hon. Dr. Gyang Dantong, Senator Representing Plateau North Senatorial Zone (2007-2011)



The missionaries brought to the Amo people among other tribes in Jengre the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church. Other churches like ECWA, Baptist, Catholic, COCIN, and Redeem, etc then followed.

The oldest( SDA kadamo) and biggest church in jengre (SDA NO2 jengre mission).








The entrance of the market is one with one exit The market is large with different compartment which people from different Amo land come with there farm product.

Jengre market is divided into many section, section of such are as follows: Spices section, charcoal section, Yam section, grains section and many others.

Kibba Daniel Musa