Kupara Namap is a Mountain that a normal Amo man is proud of. It has features that are hardly seen in most mountains. It is called Amo Peak in English. It serves as a shelter and a place of refuge during wars. The mountain is blessed with tourist attraction.

The mountain is located in Amo district in Pengana chiefdom in Bassa Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau state Nigeria. In ancient times it was a home of the Amo Man (Kimap). It is said that the mountain has spiritual powers which some is still in existence. For some one to visit the side he needs a guidance of a man who is in charge of the mountain or a person who knows and has proper knowledge on the mountain.


A distant view of kupara Namap



A close view of kupara Namap


 An extension side of kupara Namap


 Men ready for an expedition to kupara Namap a team led by Baba Panu



 A road to kupara Namap


 A place for prayers before an Amo man goes for war



A mountain use in circumcision known as Izara(done after seven years) in kupara Namap 



Clean and tasteless water coming out from kupara Namap. It is good for drinking.


Visit and see many features, then you will appreciate God’s hands in nature.


Kibba Daniel Musa