Because of the impact of Western and Hausa cultures on some of the ethnic groups, our culture, customs, traditions, histories dialects and even names have gone into extinction. Example Sheni as a dialect and an ethnic group has disappeared on the face of the earth. You canS only hear the name Sheni as  an ethnic group and dialect that once existed but  today, you can not hear them nor even see them. Why? They were assimilated by the Hausa Language.  


Because of the fear of assimilation some of the minority ethnic group started coming up with write ups to ensure that their identity is not lost. Giving our children Amap names is nationalism at the grass root.


Names in Timap dialect  like Mayeneng, Menyene, Tise, Tsofi, Ayiru, Aduku,Menseh., Adaah, Alanza, achauni, Tutung, Imalin, Azah, Ndira, UniKutelleh, Kinnayi ,Tichizina, Nduku, Anayi, Anari, Tisina, Amang Kubi, Ayinna, Uyiupese, Amoro, Gegeme, Ayinpoyi Kukune, Kawali - mean different  things and also reveal certain features among the bearers.


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