So thin is the string, lingering betwixt the sharp edge of flowery ideas and the boarder of glamorous implementation. Yet it demands an oriented, optimistic and kinetic move to cross, culminating in flamboyant and blissful achievements. Such is our journey from the base where we began to this admirable height just at the apex, inclining yet towards the sky, which our limit is.


Tirelessly, we worked to bring you the first edition of UDINAH “a dream come true” the second edition “the true mark of continuity” and now UDINAH 3 “the monument of excellence.” The items in this journal over the years were carefully selected to encompass areas of life, embracing people of different ethnic, religious, political and socio-economic affiliations, in as much as we seek to establish the furtherance of the Amo course.


Copies of UDINAH have flooded our homes, streets, schools (Libraries) and houses. Commendations, encouragements and applause attended our endeavors. By this, year by year our audience increased in number, presenting before us a challenge to improve this journal with each passing edition.


Ours is the hope to develop a better society by harnessing all resources within our reach to inculcate the benefits of peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding in our citizens.


We’ve finally attained our peak, the leap year of our existence and the crux of our achievements as editorial board. We ushered in a new AMONSA editorial, to continue with this legacy, that future generation would have to benefit, threading on this same part as they remember “the ancient land marks”.


As the pages of UDINAH flies within your hands may the sweet fragrance of that spirit which had existed from age to age, and prompted this initiative, accompany your endeavor and sharpen your understanding.





CHIEF EDITOR.         [email protected]