We saw the taking off in a ship “An awaken AMONSA that will never go to sleep”, and sailed with a result oriented impetus amidst the ever increasing need of striking a balance between academics and unionism, with optimism of never sinking till we reach the shores.


As a sequel to the successful launching the of first ever AMONSA journal, UDINAH last year, there is an emergent demand of sustaining its publication yearly till eternity. Anchoring on this, we sought to improve the standard of UDINAH in all ramifications, rubbing the hearts of students and encouraging participation in the association and developmental endeavors in our immediate community and the world at large.


UDINAH is both for the Amo`s and non-Amo`s. It is a journal that portrays a detribalized tribal association that inculcates peaceful and mutual coexistence of mankind. This is evidenced by the rich stock within, that crosses every sphere of life and affects you as a part of the society. Our dreams are yet accomplished if you are not edified after drinking from this fountain of juicy knowledge.


UDINAH Volume II (2) is a mark of continuity. It was actually not easy: it was a hard task. However the publication became finally possible. We therefore extend our thanks to God and to all those that contributed to its success.

The white of the stormy clouds may blur the outlook of the heights, yet the starry skies abide ever with its brilliant blue color, beaming rays of hope.