It’s only normal for an ambitious heart to envisage and fathom things in the direction of excellent innovations and creativity. On this background rests the visualization, conception and propagation of the ideas summing up to this work.


UDINAH is a dream comes true. This title is Amo for the way/route/direction and seeks among other objectives to foster intellectual developments, awareness and sense of unity in our land. It has to its credit much information about the Amo people, our heritage evolution and culture. It also in this wise provides for the sustenance of the Amo dialect by promoting its learning. Furthermore, is the encompassing of all about AMONSA, the realities and information about our students spread across the various institutions in the country and elsewhere.


Not less than 7,600 hours have been dissipated in a bid to attain this fit: sourcing of funds from houses to offices; seeking and writing materials for publication; and other essential modalities.


UDINAH volume 1 embraces carefully selected articles from competent individuals, enriching your stores of knowledge. As you progress from cover to pages, its evidently clear: “We’ve arrived”.


INNOCENT EMMANUEL (PELE BANGAMS). Editor in Chief. [email protected]